Rosie. (Owners Graham and Viv)

This is Rosie, yes she is a dog, but she is a member of the team! She comes to the salon most days to play with the customers. If you are ever up for meeting up for a dog walk or a swim, I’m sure she will be up for making any new friends! She definitely loves meeting all the new owners and their lovely pets.

She was a rescue dog from the local Dogs Trust. She was such a cute bundle of energy at 10 weeks old in 2014 and very easy to train. She can even put the washing in the washing machine! Her favourite toys are tennis balls and teddies. Although she likes to suck on the stitching so has many teddies with no arms or legs!

She is always running, and cant wait to play with other dogs. I believe that she was an Olympic swimmer in her former life.

Getting there with Rosie! Just need to get her to balance for longer and then to add lying on her side 😛

Posted by Samantha Johnson on Monday, 6 January 2014

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